Bicycle Seats Are in Danger!


Let me introduce what I see in Tokyo lately.

First, please take a look at the picture below.





It seems like an ordinary bicycle at the first glance. But if you take a good look at it, you will notice the bicycle seat is missing.

Yes, someone has stolen the seat from the bicycle!

Stealing seat from a parked bicycle has become very common in the past couple of years. You can find bicycles like the picture.

I am one of the victims. I had my seat stolen once when I left my bicycle in front of a train station.

If you ever experience it, you will understand how shocking it is. It gives more mental damage to you than getting the entire bicycle stolen.

Even if the handle and tires work properly, you cannot ride a bicycle without a seat.

Surely there are people who steal these things just for fun, but it really hits my nerve and makes me angry.

What I wonder is what they do with those seats.


I notice there are a lot of bicycles without seats all over the place. However, I have never heard the seats have been found nor the thieves have been arrested in the news.

There is a problem that people leave bicycles in illegal places in Tokyo behind this issue. (This is not only in Tokyo but all over Japan.)

In Tokyo, the number of cars is incredible, but there are more bicycles. You find bicycles parked illegally for hours in front of train stations, on sidewalks and other visible areas.

The thieves could have been at people for leaving their bicycle in illegal places.

I don’t understand why we don’t hear about it in the news. Because I am sure there are people who have witnessed the scenes.

I wonder if there is any similar theft in your country.



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