How to Achieve Photo Lavitation


You might have seen photos of people (like super yogis!) floating in the air. It is cool but quite difficult (or rather, impossible…)

One day, our blogger Mr. H comes up with a good idea to make himself levitate in his photos. Look at him >> see the lower right corner! He really looks like floating on air, doesn’t he? He took a lot of photos, so let’s take a look at them 😉


Here we go!


Boing boiiiiiing!


Easy! Easy!


Maybe you’re wondering why the size of these photos are so small. Of course, there is a reason… That’s because once you see these in a large size, the illusion is easy to spot LOL.




Not such a difficult trick at all 😉


Just in case you haven’t figured out yet, let me expose it!


1) Prepare a piece of black fabric, and cut out a section in the shape of your silhouette (or in a plain circle).


2) Place the shadow-simulating cloth on the ground.


3) Take a few steps backward from the shadow and strike a pose as if you are levitating (or jumping high).

In manga, you might have seen shadows like these. When you draw a person a bit behind the shadow, he looks like he’s caught in mid-air! This is the trick.


“Watch out! There is a pitfall trap!”


A man being sucked into another dimention.


An assistant, Ms.Y seems quite skilled at pretending to defy gravity.
Screw up your eyes and you might see her really floating!


Have you experimented with this photo technique? Please do let us know and share your images with us! 😀 😀


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!