What’s the proper word for “Ku” in English?

Tokyo has 23 “ku (wards)”.

Because Shibuya-ku and Shinjuku-ku are known in the world, you might know them.

It seems that many tourists from other countries complain about “they hardly find signs written in English in Japan”.

Today, I want to share an interesting article written by a Japanese blogger.

It is about an English translation on sings and websites.



This is a website of Kita-ku, Tokyo. It says “City of Kita” in English.

Other “ku” are mostly written xxx City.

For example, on the website of Shibuya-ku, it says “Shibuya City” in English.




Meanwhile, Ota-ku is written City of Ota on a sign.

By the way, it can be written “Ota ku” on mailing address but it may confuse with “otaku” LOL.




This is a sign of Shibuya-ku.

Unlike the website, the sign says “Shibuya Ward”.

There’s difference in the translations.


Please tell me what the proper word for “ku” is!


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is the JAPAN Style!



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