Cup Noodle Rice Sold in a Limited Region in Japan

Last summer, the cup noodle company, Nissin released “Cup Noodle Gohan (rice)” in a limited area in Japan. It is instant rice that tastes like the famous Nissin Cup Noodle.

It is in a box like a Chinese takeout food.


cup noodle gohan

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It is easy to prepare the rice. Just mix water, soup base, dried rice and ingredients in the box, and then put it in a microwave for 5 and a half minutes. Let stand for 2 minutes and add seasoning oil and mix well.


cup noodle gohan

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You can see the process in this video.



According to the reviews, it smells and tastes Cup Noodle. Rice is like fried rice and ingredients have good flavors.

There are two flavors available; original and seafood, and they are only found in Kinki region (Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Shiga, Nara, and Wakayama Prefecture). When the Cup Noodle Gohan was first released, it became popular than the company expected, and they had temporarily discontinued selling but now the both flavors are sold in the area. They are also available at online stores.


Link: Cup Noodle Gohan Website


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