Visionary Product of Bus Company!! Getting-Off Button Making Kit

Have you ever used Japanese Buses? Almost all buses of Japan have getting-off button to let bus drivers know that you would like to get off at next bus stop. Kids absolutely love to be able to press it and secretly feel severely stressed when there are too many kinds on the bus as it will be a competition! I remember that I used to feel like a grown-up when I pressed the button aged under 10 🙂 For such a well-loved button, a Japanese bus company attempted to sell getting-off button of bus!!


"Tatsuo Yamashita" some rights reserved. flickr

“Tatsuo Yamashita” some rights reserved. flickr


Many public transport fans were waiting for the launching of this product and some even reserve it before sales start. Despite the strong love calls of fans; however, the product ended up in recall due to an insulation issue, and it seems it’s still not available in the market, but what makes this product so unique is that it is exactly the same model of getting-off button used in a bus company. It flashes as you press the button and has voice recording function!


"Coswata" some rights reserved. flickr

“Coswata” some rights reserved. flickr


In fact, it was not only wanted by children, but also by adult who secretly hit the button repeatedly without worrying about being labled as ASBO! lol Hmn, I hope it will be resale again!


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