Wasabi Stories vol.86: “Weak point can be strong point in a different light”


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“Weak point can be strong point in a different light”

Today’s story teller is a Norwegian, Hans Petter Nas, who is chairman of Norwegian Seafood Export Council Japan office.

In the article, he talked about the life in Japan and especially when his daughter was born in Tokyo in 2009.

He explained how he got impressed by Japanese hospital’s care.


“While my wife was pregnant and till after childbirth, they made amazingly detailed plan and follow it precisely. I truly realized how grateful it was, and detailed care is the source of Japan’s goodness.”


While he appreciates Japan’s care, in fact, when he first came to Japan, he was so bothered by this “detailed care”.

For example, at a party or reception, the process and seats were firmly decided; when he stood on a stage, he was told where he was supposed to stand.

Because it’s so different from Norway’s custom, he was really confused.

He tried to figure out why the Japanese people are so careful to details.


“I think that Japanese have much more pressure of making a mistake than Norwegians.”


But caring closely is not always wrong, because it keeps Japan being high quality in the world.

Hans’ word

“So I made a decision after my daughter’s birth. Whenever I want to go easy on myself and start thinking ‘I don’t have to prepare so closely’ at work, I will remember my daughter, and the doctors and nurses who supported the beginning of her life with no mistake.”


The NIKKEI Aug/24/2009  by Hans Petter Nas (Chairman of the Japan office of Norwegian Seafood Export Council)


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