Japanese Grandma’s Wisdom Bag




I think that in any countries or regions, grandmas are always good advisors.

In Japan, there is an expression for grandma’s useful tips, it goes “oba-chan no chiebukuro (literary, grandma’s wisdom bag)”.

Here are some Japanese “oba-chan no chiebukuro”



How to get rid of soy sauce stain?

– Put a cloth underneath the stain and tap the spot with a cotton ball soaked in sugar water.


How to get rid of the mark of ballpoint pen on a desk?

– Spray hair spray and wipe with tissue paper.


Sesame treatment for hair

– Combine ground sesame seed, egg white and salt and wrap the mixture with gauze.

Rub it on your hair and skin on your head. The fat in sesame seed shines your hair.


How to make leather shine

– Polish leather with the white soft side of banana skin and wipe it off with dried cloth. Dry the leather well.


The use of rice water (the water after rinsing rice)

– Cleaning wooden floor with rice water makes it shine because it has effect.

– Throw rice water over where stray dogs and cats defecated, it deodorizes the odor.


They may useful tricks in an emergency situation or you don’t have store bought product to solve a problem.
(But don’t try them if there is a possibility that you mess it up.)


If you know your country’s grandma’s tips, please tell me!



This is JAPAN Style!


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