Japanese Business People Spend ¥7,400/month for Skills Investment

As an article to introduce to you today, I found one about typical qualifications Japanese business people are interested.

According to the article, an English language school in Japan conducted survey on qualifications and lessons, which Japanese workers are keen on.  If this is for children, it will be easier to guess; it can be swimming club or piano lessons.  But what sort of lessons can be popular among business people, you think?


Studying English

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Well, the results showed that the most popular qualification for both male and female was TOEIC, the Test of English for International Communication.  For male, #2 was the official business skill in bookkeeping and #3 was real estate transaction specialist.  On the other hand, #2 for female was medical admin and #3 was colour coordination.  Well, variation was seen between two, but all of them are pretty much directly related to work rather than something enjoyable as a hobby.  When it comes to TOEIC, it can be vital for promotion in some companies, too…

The survey also asked people whether they will consider changing their job if their current work announces that they will change their official language of the company to English.  Surprisingly, almost 50% of people answered the question definitely or may consider leaving their work!  This clearly shows that Japanese thinks that English is their weak point. (> <)

For such unavoidable qualifications, Japanese business men typically spend 8,600 yen (US$107) and women spend 6,200 yen  ($77) per month.  And they are happy to spend average of 3,000 yen more per month (10,900 yen/month) in the future. I can see how serious they are to improve their skills for their work…


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