Suika-wari — Japanese Smashing Watermelon Game!

Suika-wari — Japanese Smashing Watermelon Game!

Summer vacation is going to be over soon in Japan.

It’s time for kids to have “last minute fun” before school starts (^_^)

The most popular activity at beaches and rivers is “smashing watermelon game,” which is called Suika-wari in Japanese.

You might have seen it in Japanese manga, anime or TV shows.

The blinded player spins around about 10 times first, and then approaches the watermelon to smashes it.

The others usually cheer and tell the player which direction to go.

Of course you eat the watermelon after the game, so it would be better to cool the watermelon before play Suika-wari.

This is JAPAN Style!

Japanese Watermelon

Japanese Watermelon 01

Japanese Watermelon 02

Japanese Watermelon 02