Dog / Cat Detecting Digital Camera by FUJIFILM


(C) FUJIFILM FinepixZ700


According to FUJIFILM, its FinepixZ700 is the world first pet detecting camera.

When a user set it as a “dog or cat mode”, it quickly detects dog or cat’s face and focuses automatically.

When animal faces straight, the camera takes a picture by itself.

It can detect up to ten dogs or cats’ faces.

By selecting “pet search”, a user can search only pet’s pictures in a moment.


This camera has the 3.5-inch wide touch screen and the dual direction GUI, which detects whether the camera is longway or sideway and automatically switches the direction of the menu button accordingly.




It’ll be perfect camera for pet owners who often take their pets’ pictures, especially useful when they make calendars or greeting cards!


FUJIFILM FinepixZ700 Official website



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