[Japan after Quake] Headline Round-up : June 4 – June 10



This is a weekly headline round-up of the posts titled [Japan after Quake] on our Facebook page.


[June 7] Radioactivity: Japan’s invisible enemy within


We can see how Japanese people are struggling with radioactivity, caused by the earthquake  and tsunami in Fukushima, many Japanese consumers took matters into their own hands.


[June 10] Everybody felt fear about the crisis.


Former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said he was overwhelmed and afraid during last year’s nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, acknowledging that little has been done since then to ensure that another nuclear disaster will not occur.


[June 10] Japan is still struggling to recover from the Tsunami.


Japan, particularly Tohoku area, is struggling to recover from the 3.11.2011 Earthquake & Tsunami. And, people there still need and appreciate lots of your loves, prayers and cheers.


[June 11] Japan needs nuclear power?


With all 50 of the country’s operational reactors switched off, and with Japan facing a sweltering summer and possible blackouts, the prime minister Yoshihiko Noda is warning that nuclear power is needed.


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