New Favourite Drink of Everyone?? Hot Fizzy Drink!!

Do you like fizzy drink?  I personally prefer hot drink such as tea and coffee (oh, yes, I sound old :-P), but I assume younger generation may appreciate cold drink including fizzy drink. But even if you are a fizzy drink lover, do you still drink cold fizzy drink in winter??  The answer maybe no.  If you are a fizzy drink lover who shies away from drinking cold fizzy drink in winter, this may be your new option!  According to an article, it seems new hot fizzy drink are introduced this winter in Japan.

It seems there are two companies which introduced warm fizzy drink in the market this year; everyone’s favourite soft drink, ginger ale and Japanese apple/grapefruit flavoured fizzy drink.


hot ginger ale

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According to the same article, ginger ale manufacturer took approx. 4 years to develop hot fizzy drink.  It seems the company chosen ginger ale because ginger and other spice are especially valued in winter to warm up body in a colder climate.  Warm fizzy drink itself may be a bit radical, but the power of ginger in warm fizzy drink definitely helps you to warm up 🙂

Yes, we have hot ginger drink, so it is kind of easy to imagine hot ginger ale??  But how about the other apple/ grapefruit flavoured one?

Well, the other one is fruit and hops flavoured drink with a mild fizziness equivalent to Champagne. The combination of fruitful apple and refreshing grapefruit bring nice change to your winter drink.

FYI, hot ginger ale is 120 yen (US$1.15) for 180ml, and apple drink is 130 yen for 275ml.

Which one you would fancy?  Me?  Hmn, I will try both!!


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