Let’s Origami with Chopsticks Envelop!

When you go to a Japanese restaurant or Chinese restaurant, you will get disposal chopsticks in a paper envelop. Do you know the envelop can be entertaining while you are waiting for your food?

The book titled “Otonano Hashibukuro Origami (Chopstick Envelop Origami for Adults)” written by Shigari Akira, tells you how to make 32 kinds of origami work including stars and a ship with sail, which can be used as chopstick rests.



Here are the instruction videos on YouTube. First one is stars and the second one is a ship. Because there is no diagram or text on it, it is hard to follow, but when you pause minutely, you will see what to do.





Ship with Sail



It is better to use thin envelop rather than think one. Of course you can try making them with regular papers. Practice and master them to impress your company at a table when you go eat Japanese food!! 😉


This is JAPAN Style!



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