New Music Buffet Restaurant SPACE SHOWER TV THE DINER

On March 14, Japan’s biggest music restaurant “Space Shower TV the Diner” opened in Shibuya, Tokyo.



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The restaurant is produced by a Japanese music channel, Space Shower TV.

In the spacious restaurant, they have 350 seats and a stage to have live music performances every night.

Since it’s a buffet style restaurant, they always serve about 100 kinds of food including variety of sweets.

They also serve alcohol and food that along with the drinks.

There is this expression goes “Sleepless city, Tokyo” but this restaurant doesn’t sleep either; it opens 10:30am and closes at 5am!

The price varies depending on the time lines.

For example, lunch buffet for 90 minuets is 1,600 yen (US$17) and dinner buffet with all you can drink for 2 hours is 3,700 yen (US$40).

Space Shower TV the Diner is on the fifth floor of Shibuya The Prime building located near Shibuya station, and next to Shibuya 109.


“Live Performance”

Live Performance

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This is JAPAN Style!


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