Unreal but Stereotyped Situations in Anime



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The topic “Unreal but Stereotyped Situations in Anime” was thrown on the 2ch (Japanese Internet forum), and the “2-channelers” had a heated discussion.

The responses are understandable and funny, so let me share with you.


In the category of “Never Happened in the Real Life”, there were such responses; for examples,

“Uncool girl who is actually beautiful when she takes off her glasses.”

“Parents live abroad.”

“A good looking childhood friend.”

“Super powerful student council.”

“Bump against a new classmate at a corner.”

“Just like in action anime, the situations you say ‘It’s just getting fun!’ or ‘Hold on me tight!!’ ”


These are all typical situations in anime but make you want to say “no way!”

On the other hand, there are some situations that are more realistic.

“I have slipped on a banana skin.”

“There was actually a school star’s fan club in my school.”

“It’s a classic teacher’s punishment but I stood on a hallway with water filled bucket in my hand.”


The discussers were so excited that they totally ignored such serious response as “Of course they’re unreal because they’re anime.”


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