New Weird Dish at an Izakaya in Shinjuku

I saw a picture of this odd food in another blog.

The blogger ordered the food at a izakaya (Japanese style bar) in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Let’s take a look at the picture!


onion tower



What is this?

According to the blogger, this is an “onion ring tower” and they just added on the menu.

But it is not an ordinary onion ring tower! It’s got cheese on the onion rings.

And amazingly enough, the bottom part is raw daikon (Japanese white radish)!

The top one seems a fried chicken I think.

The tower looks so big. You can see how big it is in the next picture…


onion tower



Comparing to a cell phone. It is too big for Japanese’s stomach.

Although it is a new dish I am sure it will be gone by next month (^_^)


Source: Daily Portal Z



This is JAPAN Style!


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