Big Hit Japanese Novelty Pan to Make Bento or Breakfast

Some of you might have children but isn’t it hard to make breakfast and lunch to take school in busy morning?

There is an expression for hectic in Japan, it goes “I want any help even a cat’s hand”.

In rush of morning, I sometimes feel so.


Now, there is a novelty fry pan has been the talk of Japan, it’s named “One Egg Japanese Omelet Pan”.


fry pan

(C) Belle Maison Seikatsu Style Kenkyu-jo

As you can see in the picture, there are separations in the pan.

They are for…


fry pan

(C) Belle Maison Seikatsu Style Kenkyu-jo

making Japanese omelet beautifully!

With this pan, you can cook different things at the same time, and also you can make a well shaped beautiful omelet.

Of course you can make it with a regular frying pan but the egg gets deformed and you can’t cook different things at a time, so it takes your time.

Look how beautifully this pan can make bento (Japanese style boxed lunch)!


fry pan

(C) Belle Maison Seikatsu Style Kenkyu-jo

It’s so cute!


But it’s a common bento that Japanese children take to kindergarten or school.

Vienna sausage and omelet are the popular bento foods.

Petit tomato and rice balls are also common.


This novelty pan was made after consumers’ “voices”, so no wonder it got popular and it sold 3,000 pieces in the first month it was released.

You can see the pictures showing how to cook with this pan, in the website below.

Visit there if you are interested. (Japanese website)

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This is JAPAN Style!


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