100% Observation Rate? Annular Solar Eclipse Flight

It seems annular solar eclipse can be observed in Japan next month!  So, I found a related article about this topic for today.

On the 21st of May, we will be observing annular solar eclipse for the first time in the last 25 years, and there are many unique service available to make the most of this opportunity.


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 (this is a picture of partial solar eclipse in 2009.)


According to the article, an airline company offers a flight service to see the annular solar eclipse on board, so that you can observe the phenomenon even if it will be raining on the ground.  This around 3 hour long service is available from Haneda airport, and costs 72 thousand to 78 thousand yen per 2 people (equivalent to US$890-960).  So, it is not very reasonable, but all window side seats were already sold out.


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Wow, sounds very popular, isn’t it~?(・。・) But it’s the first time in the last 25 years, so I understand☆

In case of typhoon, which is very rare by this time of year, there can be thick cloud at an altitude of 10,000m and above; however, apart from such a condition, annular solar eclipse should be able to be observed for almost 100% with the flight service.  It seems this service is very popular for couples, and a couple who will have their golden wedding anniversary this year or a couple with a guy, who is planning to make a marriage proposal, may be lucky enough to be invited for this flight service (^v^)

Ah, how romantic is that! (^u^)  Now, I’m very much looking forward to May!


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