B-LABO: Amazing Antique Goody Bag

– What’s B-LABO? Who’s Bungu-o? –



The king of stationery (Bungu-o), Masayuki Takabatake, obtained yet another interesting relic at an antique fair: A goody bag from the Japanese caramel maker Furuya.


The contents are paper images of various animals.


They look cute, but that’s it (^^; Even bungu-o is not sure what they are used for. But wait! He seems to find something more in the bag.


What he finds is a small orange card with the numbers ‘038709’.
This might be a lottery. Wow, it’s cool!


This orange card says, ‘you can win live animals’.
What? Live animals!?


Let’s see the back side of the bag.


“The animals we provide as your prize all live on a roof garden of Nihonbashi Takashimaya (department store), so please do come and see them.” Hmm. Still not very clear to me. What kind of animals are there?


They are mentioned on the back of the orange card. 



Prizes : you can chose one of these.

1st. 8 winners : monkey/ spitz/ German sheperd/ hill myna/ Akita dog/ parrot 

2nd. 16 winner: shiba dog/ goat/ angel fish/ canary/ squirrel/ pheasant

3rd. 40 winner: carrier pigeon/ titmouse/ finch

4th. 160 winner: chicken/ carp

5th. 1600 winner: rabbit/ mouse in a cage 

In case that the animal you would like is out, chose something different.

For the detail, check newspaper, radio and posters on the wall of snack stand nearby. You can see these animals on a roof garden of Nihonbashi Takashimaya.



Hmmmmmm(=_=;;) Is this some kind of joke? Really not sure about this lottery. I wonder if people were happy when they won a live monkey? May be we should rush to Takashimaya! ;p


Source: B-LABO


This is JAPAN Style!