The Strongest “Janken” Robot

Are you good at rock-scissors-paper? Well, I’m not (^^;; Some people who are really good at it seem to be able to anticipate their opponent’s movement. So envious!


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The Graduate school of Hiroshima University created an amazing robot. By the way, “rock-scissors-paper” is janken in Japanese, so let me call this robot the “janken robot”. Like the janken masters I mentioned above, the janken robot can perfectly read the movements of his opponent’s hand. Then, in a fraction of a second, he can slightly adjust his robot hand to a rock, scissors or paper, depending on which one will beat his opponent. So, he NEVER loses! Is it unbelievable?

OK, let’s see the video of  this janken robot (^^)!



See? He is perfect! But, I wonder what happens if two janken robots play janken? Who wins (?_?)


Source: Pouch


This is JAPAN Style!