Marriage Ring and Japanese People

Nowadays, marriage ring is one of things groom should never forget to prepare for his wedding ceremony in Japan, but as you can easily guess, wearing marriage ring is not a Japanese tradition.  In fact, it seems people just started wearing wedding ring as a sign of love between a married couple just after the war.  Of course, it is not a must item, there must be some people who still don’t wear it seeing some industrial strategy behind the trend.  I assume the younger you are, the more you are used to this new custom, but how many people in Japan actually wear wedding ring you think?


marriage ring

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I found an article which surveyed just above 500 people in Japan who are going to marry soon or who have been married for less than 3 years.  As a result, 96% of them are happy or satisfied with their wedding ring, and typical amount people pay for each wedding ring is somewhere over 10K yen (US$960) for both groom and bride.

But yes, question here is if they often put it on or not.  According to the survey results, approx. 73% people put it on every day or almost every day, 13% wear it only when they go out, and 9% put it on their off.

I don’t know if the condition is the same overseas, but some work such in food industry or service industry may not allow you to wear any accessories in the first place in Japan, so I understand some people can only put them on off work days.  But over 70% is a quite high adoption rate in 70 year time after the first introduction s not bad at all, isn’t it?  Regardless of daily use or not, people still find a ring as a tool to remind them of their happiness, so may be a good idea to have one for long lasting relationships of life 🙂


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Source: Daily ameba news


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