Hawk, Reptile and What’s Next?? Japanese Unique Café



Those who liked Japanese unique café stories, here is another article for you!

One of the unique cafe included in the article was Reptile Café with 17 types of  reptiles such as  tortoise, lizard and snake.  In this premise, total of 50 reptiles will be welcoming you in glass cases!



* This is an image of lizard, but no the one from the cafe.


But what lead the owner of this café to open such café, you think?

It seems the owner became a kind of addict of reptiles when he started to having Greek turtle.  And he started to think that he wants his customers to feel relaxed by admiring reptiles’ slow movement.

According to the article, this café is surprisingly very quiet despite the fact that there is 50 reptiles.  And the writer concluded that watching silently sleeping reptiles can be very relaxing.

Well, personally speaking, I’m not sure whether I would enjoy being surrounded by snakes, but lizard and turtle can look cute sometimes, so relaxation effect may well be true~ 🙂


Anyway, the 2nd café introduced in the article was café with raptorial such as hawks and owls, which is previously covered in our blog.



* This is also an example image, sorry.


The owner of this Raptorial café himself is a hawk trainer with 40 years of experience, and he opened his café to have a nice gathering place with other trainer friends.  Of course, not all of his customers are trainers, but some non-expert are also coming his café as they are attracted by cool looking raptorial of his café.

You could sometimes see real hawk trainers with their hawk on his shoulder!

I bet this must be so cool~(((>o<)))  Definitely worth seeing, isn’t it?☆


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