Improve Concentration?? Benefit of Putting on Geta and Zori Footwear!

As Japanese traditional clothing was replaced by modern clothes, people stopped using zori and geta footwear apart from festival seasons when you are more likely to put on kimono, yukata and other traditional Japanese clothing.  Today, I would like to write about benefit of wearing traditional Japanese footwear.


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Majority of people no longer use zori and geta on an everyday basis along with the popularisation of modern shoes.  And you don’t even see a pair in your house apart from summer festival seasons.  But I find an article, which explains positive effects of such Japanese traditional footwear.


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Obviously, geta and zori do not cover your feet completely; therefore, it helps your feet from getting athlete feet.  And the fact that they don’t forcibly let your toes squeezed into small space of shoes keeps your feet free from hallux valgus!  These examples of benefits are probably easily predictable, but according to the article, geta and zori straps also have a secret power to help development of feet and activation of brain activity.  For this reasons, more and more schools and nurseries are adopting zori and geta for the development of children nowadays.

In fact, the article includes the example of calculation trial; the trial was done after walking in either geta or shoes to see how it effects on calculation session after the walk.  As a result, it was proved that people who had a walking with geta showed more concentration than general shoes!

That’s brilliant!!  It seems holding straps by toes stimulates many types of nerves and brain activity!  Maybe this is the reason why my nursery let us wear rubber zori all seasons apart from winter when I was a child??  Well, you cannot ask me if I am cleverer than others as a result of this 😛  But if straps are the key, may be you can rely on flip flops as well???  I may use zori as a replacement of slipper from today to see if my brain work will be more effective! (><)


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