Japan’s Growing Demand for Homework Agents


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Summer vacation has begun for most schools in Japan! It’s a very fun and exciting time for children, but simultaneously it is quite a busy time with studying and preparation. Children have to do a lot of summer homework from their school, and often go to “juku” (cram school, private-tutoring school etc.) as well. Meanwhile, homework agent services are growing in popularity. Parents who want their children to concentrate on “juku” use these services which employ agents to do students homework for them. The price range is as follows;


Book report 1page: ¥2,000~3,000 (US$19.5~29.5)
Research project: ¥5,000~ (US$49)
Drawing/painting: ¥20,000~ (US$196.5)
Workbook 1book: ¥5,000~ (US$49)


Isn’t it expensive!? And so surprising that there are many parents who think that using this kind of service is giving their children an advantage. It just seems like those parents are making light of schools and real learning. It doesn’t make sense that parents enable their children to take shortcuts in schools now, in hopes that their children enter more prestigious schools when they are older. In previous eras, some parents helped their children with school homework too much, finished it too well and perfectly, and their “helping” was all too obvious. This was rather understandable and kind of like a funny story. But the new homework agent services, to which parents simply pay cash in return for somebody to do students’ work for them, is beyond my understanding… What did you think?


Source: Youtube /Naver Matome


Author: Junko


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