Tanita’s Healthy Restaurant


Tanita Corp. is a maker of health care devices such as weight scales and body fat calculators. These days, Tanita’s main office cafeteria menu has been a topic in the news, because every single menu item takes into consideration the employee’s health; perfect nutritional balance, around 500 calories, and only 3g of sodium per meal. Tanita published some recipe books and they have been on the best-seller list for long time. I have a several friends who tried to cook Tanita meals, but it seemed difficult to follow the concept for every dish. (One of my friends said that it was difficult to prepare many kinds of ingredients every time.)

On January 11th, Tanita opened a restaurant in Marunouchi, Tokyo’s business district. The restaurant serves the same healthy meals as provided at Tanita’s office cafeteria. On opening day, crowds lined up in the early hours to get numbered tickets for lunch! That’s amazing! I want to visit there when the restaurant becomes a bit more quiet 😉


External appearance.


Inside the restaurant.


Counseling room.


[Shop Info] Tanita Shokudo

Marunouchi Kokusai Building BF1, Marunouchi 3-1-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / Opens 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. on weekdays.


Source: Tanita Website


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