Cool Floats and Tasty Foods at Aomori Festival in Tokyo


[W:Aomori Prefecture] is the northernmost prefecture in the main island of Japan. It is famous for is apple orchards and traditional festivals.


The following picture shows local people carrying an illuminated nebuta float at “Aomori Nebuta Festival.”


nebuta matsuri

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Now the Tokyo dwellers can get the feels of those Aomori festivals in Tokyo. Celebrating the new shinkansen (bullet train) hub that opens in December in Aomori Prefecture, there is a two-week Aomori festival going on around Harajuku Omotesando Street and Meiji Shrine.


At the venues, the floats of four major festivals are exhibited along with stages for traditional performing arts. The visitors also can enjoy Aomori’s local specialty foods at stalls.


“Hachinohe Senbei Soup” (Nambu cracker in dashi based soup)

Photo by かずやん


“Towada Beef Belly Teppanyaki”

Photo by cielo blu♪


They look delicious! Aomori has good seafood, fruits, rice, exiting festivals and nice cool weather in summer. Luckily, we will be able to get to Aomori easier once the new shinkansen opens on December 4. It takes us there just in 3 hours and 20 minutes!



This is JAPAN Style!



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