Japanese Nail Art and Care: Gel Nails

Look at these beautiful nail decorations! Lovely nails sure do make women happy (^^)


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In recent years, the “gel nail” has become the state-of-the-art in nail care and fashion. Many people prefer gel nails because, unlike normal nail polish, gel nails are long-lasting (for around two-three weeks), strengthen your natural nails, and the gel is easy to handle because it remains pliable unless you harden it with the special UV light.


写真素材 PIXTA
(c) enterFrame写真素材 PIXTA


>> UV light

Maybe you learned enough background information about gel nails. OK, then why don’t we watch the process of making a “peacock patterned” gel nail on the video ^^?



[Rough Flows]

clear gel >> UV light >> pale pink gel >> UV light >> Pale pink gel again >> UV light >> colorful lines >> make them like peacock feather >> decoration with hologram flakes and rhinestones (These decorations are also fixed with gel, not with glue)


Photos from: Petit Nail Salon Yoko’s Blog


These are the recent trending styles. The left one is called “Pucci-like patterned”, and the right one is “feather nail”. Both are lovely, aren’t they? Too decorative or too long nails are not very suitable for daily life, so these styles look quite nice (>> This is just my opinion though^^;; What do you think?)  The nail artist (referred to as a “nailist” in Japan) who made the above photos, runs a small salon, Petit Nail Salon Yoko, at home in Kobe city. Recently many qualified nailists have opened their own home salons. I think that’s because they 1) can work at their own pace and 2) can start their business with less overhead, and 3) can take time to spend with their families.

Japanese nail-care skills are making steady progress. Japanese makers keep producing new nail products one after another. (ex. gels which harden very quickly and hypoallergenic gel etc.) Japanese technology is improving Japanese nail art and care ;D!


This is JAPAN Style!