Ingredients are Packed Lunch in Market? Secret Recipe for Tastier Stir-Fried Rice

Spring onion, carrot, nicely cooked port, king prawn, crab meat, etc., etc…  Ingredients of stir-fried rice can vary, but one common thing is that they tend to be finely chopped…  If we finely chopped ingredients of packed lunch, which is widely available from supermarket or convenience store, what kind of stir-fried rice, could be made??  With such a pure question, this article cooked some mysterious stir-fried rice…


Here is a very authentic type of stir-fried rice.


Normal stir-fried rice…** 2pt.

How much will you be willing to pay for this?…200yen (equivalent to US$2.50) Lol

It was actually made, following a cook book, but it was probably overcooked a bit?  Wasn’t very good at all … (TT)  But it’s ok we learned that we shouldn’t overcook it now!


Next stir-fried rice’s ingredients are…


Makunouchi Bento box 398 yen (US$4.98)
from convenience store.


Would it be tasty??  Salmon and cooked veg????  Really?


Nevermind, just finely chop everything like this, and…




Here is piping hot Makunouchi bento stir-fried rice!


Doesn’t look too bad, does it? 🙂

Makunouchi bento stir-fried rice…**** 4pt.

How much will you be willing to pay for this?…600yen (US$7.52)


As each ingredient is pre-seasoned as bento, no extra seasoning was added, but it was very tasty with full of flavours and slight plum smells 😀

Even Sukeroku Sushi pack like this (398 yen) was used …



And here is the outcome!



Sukeroku Sushi stir-fried rice…**** 4pt.

How much will you be willing to pay for this?…700yen! (US$8.77)

I bet nobody expects to make stir-fried rice with sushi, but stir-fried sweet bean curd and ginger + seaweed made beautiful harmony!!

Two more type of stir-fried rice were cooked by using 2 packed bento (Chinese and European style bento), but we came to a conclusion that food in one bento is generally created to be eaten at the same time, so it cannot be something horrible when all is mixed up like this!

If you are bored with normal lunch box, why don’t you try to cook stir-fried rice like this yourself??  You may find unbeatable combination from your experiment!


What do you think about today’s article?

I’m looking forward to hearing your brave trial story, too 🙂


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!