How to Make “Pain” Keyboard

"Ita-keyboard (Pain keyboard)"


Have you heard the word itasha? It is an otaku word meaning “pain-mobile,” which refers a car decorated with characters, usually female, from anime, manga, or video games. Last year I have visited an itasha exhibition and it was a knock out experience. You can see the pictures I took in page.

“Pain” is not limited to cars; otaku people make pain bicycles, motor bikes, and everything! This Nico Nico Video user customized his key board into a “pain keyboard.”



After showing his pain PC he previously made, he explains how to make pain keyboard.

1: Scan the keyboard.

2: Read the image with Adobe Illustrator and makes grid-lines.

3: Lay the grid-line on the image that you want on your keyboard.

4: Print the image on sticker that sticks to plastic (it is a little stretchy).

5: Stick protector sheet on the printed image.

6: Taking the keyboard to pieces and cut the sticker along the lines.

7: Put the stickers (it says he used water to prevent wrinkles) and put the keyboard pieces back.


In the video he says it took him 10 hours to complete! And it is no bad without the marks on the keyboard, so he wishes that makers to sell this kind of stickers at stores.

I think he did a good job but I wonder if anybody can do the same. One thing is for sure, that he is happy typing on his favorite characters (^_^)



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