Unique Memo which Can be Used Just Like Jotting Down on Back of Your Hand

Keeping note is what we have been doing since we were a school kid, but memo can be the simplest yet the most effective strategy to keep yourself on track at work when you find unexpected, new tasks one after another or when you are asked to do something from different people.  I assume each people have their own way of keeping note effectively but how about memo for supermarket shopping list asked by your partner or other private thing?


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For such things, I used to write on the back of my hand to remember when I was kid, but nowadays, you could have an important meeting with your important clients and you definitely want to avoid having cereals and bacon and other stuff written on the back of your hand…

But don’t you worry anymore; it seems there is a unique memo which you can use without embarrassing yourself like that!


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The product is called ‘LIST-IT’ which is a colourful paper-made memo.  But the great thing about this memo is that you can wear them around your wrist.  You can, of course, write on the surface, but if you write inside, then nobody will see what’s in your shopping list!

Awwww, I love this kind of not very important but somehow serious and yet convenient items! 🙂

FYI, it’s available at 315 yen (USD3) for 20 pieces.

It may not be very reasonable, but I like the idea of making a grocery shopping after work fun 😛   Ladies, it will be a good thing to give your man if you want them to get what you want on the way back^^


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