NAGASAWA Original Sailor Fountain Pen (Redden)

 nagasawa original fountain pen redden


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Having in mind its Kobe origin, Nagasawa Stationery Center Co. based in Kobe started selling its fountain pen of an original design more than 10 years ago.  From among the fountain pens made in Japan, the Nagasawa Stationery Center Co. has chosen the Sailor Profit Standard as the best product to be used with an original base and as a proof that it is a limited product of this company, the pen nib is decorated with an engraved emblem of a weathercock, clips and other parts are finished with rhodium used on the surface and the silver color with the black lacquered body makes a powerful contrast that gives a sharp impression, making the product looking chic, with more than 2000 pieces been sold.

In the time of its sale, except of the limited products, we used only one silver color of the metallic parts with the black body, but then we added the new type, Reddden.

Calm deep red is used in the body base color and the golden parts combined with it look very vivid. Even if golden parts are used, the image is not “showy”, because of the fine match with the deep red, which gives almost warm feeling.

As a proof that it is a limited product sold by the Nagasawa Stationery Center Co., the pen nib is decorated with an engraved emblem of a weathercock, which was used in 50 pieces of the limited series sold in 2002 and this emblem is engraved also on the pen nibs of the products celebrating the 120th anniversary of fountain pen production.

The small size of its body fits gently also to women.  The basic Profit fountain pen is easy to write with, since the ink runs smoothly out of it and is sold for a reasonable price, which makes it a recommendable product for fountain pen beginners.

You can choose from 4 types of pen nibs, such as extremely fine (EF), fine (F), medium fine (MF), and medium (M).


nagasawa original fountain pen redden


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