Comical Play Station 3 (PS3) Commercial


My recent favorite commercial is the SONY’s Play Station 3 commercial series, “Sekai Banno Taidan (The World Almightiness Meeting),” where the SONY’s “almighty” game system and a green onion which is called “almighty onion” in Japan, hold official meetings to discuss about their “almightiness.”

The basic idea is that they politely start the conversation but when PS3 talks about its features, the green onion heats up and tries to tell how green onion is more almighty.



[English translation]
Green Onion (GO): We, green onions, have much more potential.
PS3: In fact, I have too. By using “torne,” the users can record terrestrial digital broadcasting easily.
GO: Right, right, right.
PS3: Do you know “torne”?
GO: Isn’t that the one of uh… VHS…


In this one, it seems they are in a taxi after meeting.



[English translation]
GO: Isn’t this my family picture?
PS3: I sneakily borrowed it from your family.
GO: Geez. It’s my private. (He gets slack.)
PS3: Mr. Green Onion?
GO: Pardon me.
PS3: Like this, PSP can carry pictures, music, and also TV programs recorded by “torne.”
GO: That is great. You see, as a Hakata born green onion, I travel all over the world too.
PS3: Oh do you?
GO: Yes, from Fukuoka to Tokyo, and go back to Fukuoka…
PS3: The world… right?
GO: The world.
PS3: The world?
PS3: You mean you go back and forth between Tokyo and Fukuoka, right?
PS3: I got it.


It’s just funny to see the green onion desperately try to win against the PS3 LOL. But in other versions, the green onion finally get impressed and enjoys the PS3!



This is JAPAN Style!


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