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The Reason Why Finding Tea Stalk Floating Straight Up in a Cup is Lucky

It’s almost the end of February, but it is still so cold here in Japan, and hot tea is a vital item in my office now.  So, I chose a…

The Good Luck Wallet

Today, I would like to talk about money and wallets. By the way, what kind of wallet do you have? Actually I was using a bi-fold style for around five years….

Chance to Draw Excellent Luck in the Sacred Lot

I previously wrote about hatsumode or the first visit to a shrine a few times around the New Year’s Day, so I mentioned about this briefly?  I probably did. Anyway,…

Lucky Bags “Fukubukuro” 2011

  Most department stores in Japan start New Year’s sale today, and sell fukubukuro, “lucky bags” that are filled with random items. In recent years, lucky bags are highly diversified….

Japanese Gobelins Tapestry happiness luck

    This is a Japanese style Gobelins tapestry.  

DARUMA — Japanese Wishing Doll

[W:Daruma] are red and round Japanese wish dolls with no arms or legs. The model of daruma doll is a Buddhist monk, Bodhidharma, who is the founder and first patriarch…

Maneki-neko — Cute Japanese Lucky cat!

  Maneki-neko (Beckoning cat) is often seen at Japanese restaurants and stores. It’s a lucky cat which brings customers or money depends on which hand it raising. It is said…