Lucky Bags “Fukubukuro” 2011

Japanese lucky bag

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Most department stores in Japan start New Year’s sale today, and sell fukubukuro, “lucky bags” that are filled with random items. In recent years, lucky bags are highly diversified. The popular type of lucky bag this year is “experience bag” that enable the buyers to realize their dreams.

For example Takashimaya sells a lucky bag that a professional musician writes a special song for the buyer’s wife or lover, and performs at a concert.

Tobu Department Store prepared “Special Experience Lucky Bag” that takes the buyer to the construction site of the Tokyo Sky Tree.


“Tokyo Sky Tree under Construction”

tokyo sky tree

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Maiko Experience Bag” from Takashimaya Kyoto literally gives full-blown maiko (apprentice geisha) experience.

There are some working experience bags for children such as “sushi chef experience bag” and “train conductor experience bag.” Also there are lucky bags that the children can take lessons with professional sports players.

Since Japan is now in agriculture boom, some department stores prepare agriculture related experience bags.

Even though the world is in a recession, people loosen their purse strings during New Year’s holidays. That is why stores hung their hopes on their lucky bags.


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