Who’s the Ninja Champion? Shuriken Competition



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This fall,  “Iga Ryu Shuriken Uchi Senshuken (Iga School Shriken Wielding Championship)” hosted by Iga-Ryu Ninja Museum and Iga Ueno Tourism Association will be held for the second time in Iga.



When it was held in Iga for the first time last fall, 100 participants competed with each other in ninja costumes.

It is a serious competition following old documents about shuriken, and wielders’ forms whether it is beautiful and originalities affect on their scores.

Special prizes will be given to the three winners; a pure gold shuriken for the first winner, and a pure silver one for the second, and a pure copper one for the third winner.

The preliminary contests will be held in Iga, Nagoya and Osaka. Each top 15 wielders can participate the final.

This video is shuriken demonstration by a scholar of Bujutsu (Japanese marshal arts) Yoshinori Kono. (He is explaining the techniques but I don’t go to the detail here.)




Anyone older than 13 year-old (junior high schooler) can join the contest.

The participation fee is 1,000 yen (about US$10).



This is JAPAN Style!


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