A Village Made of Ice; Shikaribetsu-ko Kotan

Wow. Look at this (o_O) The bar in this photo is made with ice blocks! It looks freezing but very beautiful, doesn’t it?


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This bar is in a special village, constructed seasonally from ice and snow. The village is called “Shikaribetsu-ko Kotan”. Shikaribetsu-ko is the name of a lake located in the middle of Hokkaido, and Kotan is the Ainu word for village. The Ainu are an indigenous ethic group in Hokkaido. Now, let’s see how Shikaribetsu-ko Kotan looks on video (^^)/



You can enjoy many things in this icy village!

* Outside bath on the icy lake surface  >> Hot spring water is diverted from a nearby onsen.

* Ice theater in an ice igloo >> The screen is ice as well!

* Trial stay in the ice lodge >> It’s just a “trial”, and staying at a regular hotel is recommended (^^;

* Balloon ride over the icy field >> Enjoy marvelous scenery!

*  Musical Events >> Many kinds of concerts take place. Don’t forget to wear lots of warm clothes.

Shikaribetsu-ko Kotan is open until the end of March (then it melts). So if you have a plan to go to Hokkaido this winter, why don’t you visit there!? ;D


Source: Shikaribetsu-ko Kotan Website



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