A Building Looks Like a Portable Shrine


This is about a little weird building in Japan.

The building is near [W:Lake Biwa], which is the largest lake in Japan and one of the popular tourist sites.

This is Lake Biwa.


lake biwa

"tamachanhaazarashi" some rights reserved. flickr


In the blog I read the other day, a unique building found near the lake was shown.


lake biwa
It stands out on a country road.


lake biwa
It is a branch of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA).


It looks like another house added on a building, and like a “portable shrine,” the blogger said.


By the way, this is a portable shrine.


portable shrine

"DORONKO" some rights reserved. flickr


lake biwa
On a side of the building, there seem to be Japanese characters.
Although it is too abstract, it reads “Biwa-ko (Lake Biwa)” in Katakana!?


JA has a lot of branches throughout the country. Since the organization usually gives serious and sober impression to people, I didn’t know it owns such unusual building.

Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!


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