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SHIBA, a Japanese Dog — 11/1 is the Dog’s Day!

    November 1st is Dog’s day in Japan. In 1987, Japanese pet food associations instituted the “dog’s day” as the day to cherish dogs and expand knowledge of dogs….


For those who want pets but can’t have them for some reasons, there are robot pets from SEGA TOYS. The company released different robot pets as “Yume Pets” series. Especially…

Popular Dogs’ Names in Japan

    Early this week, IrisPet.com released “Popular Dogs’ Name Ranking 2009”. It’s interesting to see a trend in naming pets. The top name is “Momo”, and it has maintained…

Pets Population Increasing in Japan

    According to Japanese Pet Food Association, 35% of the household that are made up with more than 2 people and 15% of the households that are made up…