How to Get Rid of Nervousness

I think everyone has experienced nervousness in an important scene.

Presentation, public speech, performing in public… is there easy way to ease the tension in these situations?

I found some tips on getting rid of nervousness in the latest post of a Japanese website Tui Tui.


Photo by いしだひでヲ


Acupuncture Point

The most popular way to get rid of nervousness in Japanese probably “drawing ‘hito’ on palm.” With your finger, draw the kanji word “hito” which means person on your palm several times.

It is often believed as a superstitious thing, but it actually follows oriental medicine.

There is an acupuncture point called rokyu on a palm. Stimulating rokyu helps you to be relaxed.



Swirl Breathing

Draw inward swirl on your chest and breathe deeply. Repeat it a few times.


Crystal Power

It is said that crystal has power to dissipate “nervousness.” Price and appearance are not important. Pick a crystal that attracts you.

How do people who frequently perform in public deal with nervousness?

A Japanese famous child actor Seishiro Kato said in an interview that he taps his third finger 60 times to ease tension. Also he tries to not be afraid of mistakes, and take the plunge and do.

Japanese pianist Gen Segawa advises “Say to yourself ‘Take it easy!!’ and never say ‘Calm down!!’”


Source: TuiTui (Japanese)


This is JAPAN Style!