Moving TV Commercial : Messages From Mom


This is a TV commercial of Tokyo Gas.



Mother speaks:

“I have fewer conversations with my son than I would like, so have decided to cook nice “bento” lunch for him everyday. They’re like some kind of short one-way messages from me.”

She cooks a bento only with her son’s favorite things, eggs, fried chicken, and hamburg steak.

“Your best three favorites! Enjoy ;D”

This is her first message to her son. She gives him the bento, but there is no reply from him.

“I can happily continue making bento everyday, because the bento box is always empty when it comes back.”

And she cooks many bentos with messages such as,

“Relax. Relax :)”

“Eat more vegetables.”

“Keep your chin up!!”

“Sorry! I overslept :(“

“Hope it will be fine tomorrow.”

“Study harder!”


One day, she sees her son walking with his girlfriend and makes a bento with a big pink heart.

“Congrats (*^^*)”


She continues giving her son bento messages for three years during high school.

“Happy birthday xD”

“I give you a prize!”

… and so on.


“Three years passed very quickly. with each bento is a tiny memory.”

And she finally cooks her last bento. It turns out to contain the “best three favorite” bento items she made in the early days.

“Do you remember this bento ;-)?”

She also eats the same bento and talks to herself, “you did a good job for three years.”

When she comes home, she finds a bento box with a memo from his son.

“Thank you, mom. And sorry that I couldn’t say so for three years.”


Food ties family together…


This is JAPAN Style!