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Japanese Cake-like Towel Set fake food mickey disney

  This is Mickey Mouse cake-like towel set (face towel, wash towel). Ideal item for a wedding gift, birthday gift, etc.   KAWAII!   This is JAPAN Style! If the…

How to Make Realistic Eyeball Jelly (Graphic Image)

  The video below is “how to make eyeball like jelly” from a Japanese video sharing website, Niconico Douga. The eyeballs are made from agar and edible.   How to…

Japanese Fake Food Strap cell phone charm okonomiyaki

  This is a Japanese style fake food strap (it calls as “okonomiyaki“).     This is JAPAN Style! If the eBay link is dead and you have questions about…

Handmade Moving Imitation Ramen Noodles

Have you ever seen something like this out in front of a noodle shop? I’m not sure if this kind of sign can be seen in your country as well,…

Japanese New Year Decoration “Kagami Mochi” Set

  This is a Japanese traditional ornament. This Kagami Mochi (rice cake) usually consists of two round mochi. This product for New Year decoration and fake food (Don’t eat ^^)….

Kitchen Museum on Kappabashi Street – a Minor Tourist Destination in Tokyo

  Kappabashi Street runs between Ueno and Asakusa in Tokyo. Numbers of shops supplying the restaurant trade clustered on the street. Pots, pans, dishes, chopsticks silverwares, glasses… all kinds of…

Yummy!? Japanese iPhone 4 and iPad Cases

Christmas and New Year are right around the corner, and seasonal fun items came out in the market just in time.     It looks nothing but a piece of…

Japanese Energy Drinks Top 5

Wide varieties of energy drinks are sold in Japan, and they are usually in hand sized bottles. Since some of them are available in other countries, you may familiar with…

JAPAN Style 1st Anniversary Campaign! Free Gift Giveaway! – Part2

    Today is the second day of the free gift campaign (to see the first gift, click HERE). Today’s gift is “sushi magnet” ! (brand new).  

Japanese Beer Strap cell phone charm

    This is a Japanese beer strap (fake food).  

Japanese Dorayaki Strap cell phone charm fake food

    This is a Japanese dorayaki strap. As you know, the Japanese manga (anime) character Doraemon loves dorayaki! ^_^