How to Make Realistic Eyeball Jelly (Graphic Image)

eyeball making


The video below is “how to make eyeball like jelly” from a Japanese video sharing website, Niconico Douga. The eyeballs are made from agar and edible.


How to Make Eyeball Jelly (Graphic Image) (Transmitted from Niconico)


Most importantly, you need spherical ice tray for this eyeball jelly (if you live in Japan, it is available at 100 yen shops).

Ingredients: Food coloring (Black and whatever the color you want for iris), powdered agar, Calpis (or milk). You can also add gummy if you like.



1. Make pupil and iris using agar and food coloring. In a vat or plate, make thin layer of agar jelly, and cut off with a nozzle of pastry bag.


Image from youtube video by joroy1122


2. In a spherical ice tray, put the iris first and then pupil.



3. Add mixture of Calpis and powdered agar into the tray and refrigerate.


It’ll be perfect for Halloween and maybe Valentine’s Day?? You can give a pair of eyeball jelly to someone special saying “I got my eyes on you” or “I can’t take my eyes off of you.” (LOL)



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