Otamatone Performers on Noconicodouga


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“Otamatone” is a tadpole shaped digital musical instrument invented by a Japanese art unit Maywa Denki. (To read our past post about otamatone, click HERE)

It’s been two years since its release. As the number of otamatone players increased, performance videos using otamatone are often seen on video sharing sites.
Today, I want to share some otamatone performance videos that are popular on Niconicodouga. (If you want to turn off the comments while playing a video, click the speech balloon on the right bottom.)


All Otamatone “World’s End Dancehall”


The all 12 sounds are played with otamatone! Even the drums are!


Box Man Performs “Jonetsu Tairiku” with Otamatone


This is originally a violin piece written and performed by a Japanese violinist Taro Hakase, who is known for his wild curly hair. Playing this tricky piece with an otamatone must be difficult, but he had a “familiar smirk” on his face all the time.


Box Man Performs “Rouge no Dengon” with Otamatone


Again, it is performed by Box Man. He is playing the box instruments he made and otamatone. It is very easy going compare to the last violin piece. Don’t mention that he is blowing the flute on his neck. He insists that there is no one in the box LOL.


This is JAPAN Style!