Urban Legend: Actress Never Sweat?

Japan is approaching to its coldest season now, and people less sweat in this season, but nervousness or shock sometimes make you sweat even in this season.  But there is an urban legend which says that actress never sweat…  But yes, I’ve never seen an actress having a trouble stop sweating in order not to have it interferes with their makeups even under the harsh lighting…  Could this be true??


"TomenoNaoki" some rights reserved. flickr

“TomenoNaoki” some rights reserved. flickr


According to an article, it seems this is indeed a true, and people sweat less when they are concentrating because sweat can be generated by outer temperature but also by mental condition!  This seems to be why actress can look as if she does not feel the heat being under lighting of filming site.

But yes, I know I sometimes sweat when I am nervous (i.e. before very important presentation), and how can I possibly control my sweat by differentiating concentrating and being nervous??? (><)

Now, according to the article, it seems sweat can be controlled by some other method other than outer temperature and concentration. It seems if you tighten your armpit with obi belt or something, armpit will be less sweaty…  (really?? ・・;)  Also, those people who does not exercise regularly tend to have less developed sweat glands on their face, so more exercise seems to help less sweating, too.

I understand the theory behind why actress does not sweat, but maybe more exercise will be easier option for me to be less sweaty?? (- -;)


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