Ramen…or is it?

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Ramen is one of the most famous and popular of Japanese foods.  Many of you guys might love it 🙂 Today, I would like to share an interesting how-to video! This video was posted on Youtube by a Japanese blogger. In this video, she is creates a bowl of what seems to be ramen, but amazingly it is all made of sweets! She was inspired by a newspaper article about “ramen cake”, and proceeded to create her own recipe.


The ingredients for this ramen are;

– Smashed sweet potato >> noodles

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– Black tea jelly >> soup

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– Marble cookie >> roast pork slice (chashu pork)

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– Black sesame seed cookie >> nori seaweed

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And I love “naruto” made with chocolate. Cute! 🙂

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OK. Let’s see the whole process on the video!


It looks real, doesn’t it? I am personally  a bit doubtful about the taste, and there are numerous steps to completion. But, having this clever kind of dessert must be amusing (maybe for a small novelty?) at parties 😉 Please share your picture if you make this fun ramen bowl!


Author: Junko

This is JAPAN Style!