Replica Food Accessories are Deliciously Stylish

Japan’s lifelike food replicas, elaborately made from wax and resin, often fascinate foreign tourists. These replicas are originally made for showcase samples at restaurants, but double as great souvenirs. What’s more, workshops in fake food creation, held at several food replica studios, are very popular among visitors from other counties. Unique accessories using food replicas are produced and becoming popular lately. The level of realism is astounding!  Fake Food Hatanaka is an artisanal food replica maker/shop, and carry. Here are some examples from of their astonishing lineup.



Necklace (Curry and rice)
Comes with a spoon!



Tiepin (Grilled salmon)
Steamed rice and miso soup, please!



Headband (bacon and egg)
Could you pass the salt and pepper?


At first I expected to see something like small earrings with fake ice-cream or cookies, but these are way beyond my imagination!! They have more outstanding products on their website. Looks good enough to eat! Check it out if you are interested 😉 –> Fake Food Hatanaka


Author: Junko


This is JAPAN Style!