Encounter Unexpected Experiences at Yoro Park

Yoro Park (Site of Reversible Destiny Yoro Park) in Gifu Prefecture is a vast, 18,000 square-meter modern art piece created by contemporary artist Shusaku Arakawa and poet Madeline Gins. This is a type of art where visitors enjoy it by walking through it. The odd structured houses and field offer visitors opportunities to experience unusual feelings and rethink their physical and spiritual orientation to the world.

The park mainly consists of a large, bowl-shaped basin called the Elliptical Field and a main pavilion called the Critical Resemblance House.

The Elliptical Field is all sloped outdoor space, so the visitors can easily lose the sense of balances, but the park suggests enjoying it as recreating the senses instead of being afraid of it.


yoro park

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In the Critical Resemblance House, furniture pieces are placed on everywhere regardless of top, bottom, left and right. There are also mazelike paths on the floor and the ceiling, giving unique perceptual and cognitive experiences.


Reversible Destiny House

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The park’s other attractions include Reversible Destiny Office, Gate of Non-Dying, Insect Mountain Range, Exactitude Ridge, Geographical Ghost, Mono no Aware Transformer, Destiny House, Trajectory Membrane Gate, and Imaging Navel.


Reversible Destiny House

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Visit the website below to see the philosophy behind this project.


Link: Yoro Park (English)


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