Over 350 Menus!! Unique Tinned Food Bar

In Japan, some unique bars such as ‘cheap snack and sweets bar’ to enjoy snacks and sweets on all-you-can-eat basis in a nostalgic-looking shop and ‘horror bar’ to enjoy atmosphere of horror movies, are receiving attention.  Among all these places, I would like to share an article about ‘tin food bar’ with you today.

When you hear ‘tinned food bar’ as a term, I bet nothing particularly strikes you as very unique or interesting.  But yes, as the name describes, it is a place, where serves you tinned food.  What makes this unique, according to the article, is its more than 350 of very extensive menus.

On top of ordinary tinned food, which sounds very good to go with sake, including crab butter, cooked eel liver and oden, they have rather unusual ones as typified by Ezo deer curry and bear curry.


Here are images of these two curries.


As far as I see from these packages, it seems they are from Hokkaido.  I’m new to both of them, so a bit tempted now… (゜-゜)

Tinned food to be served also include overseas products like ‘boendegi’, steamed silkworm pupae from South Korea.



I believe I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to food, but soft worm may need a bit of courage to try…

Those who felt ‘well, this place is probably not for me…’ would be happy to hear this; according to the article, the hottest menu in the bar seems to be rather normal Kyoto-style egg roll… lol !  Now, this wouldn’t be too hard to try!

As the tinned food bars, which mainly spreads around kansai area, is serving tinned food, their kitchen space can be reduced significantly.  Also, since it doesn’t involve much cooking processes, the bar can be opened even if you don’t have cooks license.  For these reasons, more people come forward to be a member store, and this helps their business expansion.


How did you like today’s topic about an unique bar in Japan?

If you have unusual tinned food in your country, please let us know (*^_^*).


Source: Walker plus


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