Japanese Unique Stationery: Zaku’s Binder Ball


This article was originally brought on the Japanese stationery king, Bungu-o’s blog.

Today’s unique stationery is Zaku’s Binder Ball.

Oh don’t ask me what Zaku is!

Zaku is a mobile suit from a Japanese super popular anime, Gundam.

Binder Ball is a ballpoint pen with a clip. So this is the Binder Ball specially designed for Zaku.

This is the picture of Zaku’s Binder Ball.



It was a limited edition and no longer available, unfortunately.




The Zaku figure is a 1/144 scale high grade series (BANDAI).
The pen didn’t come with the figure though.



The pen body is shaped simplified submachine gun.



In this series, there are mass-produce type MS06 and Char’s exclusive use MS-06S,
and when they were released last year, 500 each were limitedly sold.



This is a package. The price is 500 yen (US$5.45).
It’s a little expensive than a regular Bind Ball but Bungu-o says that
it’s worth enough to pay 500 yen.



On the package, Char says “nice fastening” LOL.



This one says “I’m gonna fasten it!” LOL.



The manufacturer is of course ZEONIC, a machine maker in Gundam!



By remodeling the mount latch on Zaku’s skirt, you can attach the pen on the figure.




Hmmm, it is surely cool

Amazingly, all the Gundam Binder Balls were sold out on the day they were released.

It proved how popular Gundam is!


Source: Bungu-o

This is the JAPAN Style!



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