Wax Food Samples vs. Real Food Samples



Wax food samples produced in Japan are quite well known. But displaying those food samples is somewhat old-fashioned these days, and fewer restaurants are using them. Not so many are being made, and those in use are getting older and older.


Many aging wax food samples can be seen here in Asakusa, Tokyo.


At a sushi restaurant’s display.
Some sushi are trying to run away LOL.


Can you see something? I can’t see anything… 
Oh,wait. The name on this menu is “illusion”!
I’m now soooooo curious XD. I would order this when I visit Asakusa next time. 


This is a soba noodle restaurant.


Wow! Pretty antique looking…
Let’s order the one on the right one called “oakame soba”.


The shop interior is very nostalgic.
I feel as if I have been transported through time to a day before I was born.
Look! Here comes okame soba!


This is unbelievable. I thought the sample looked unrealistic.
However… it’s turns out to be very authentic looking!!
The number of ‘kamaboko fishcake’ is different, but overall they are almost the SAME!!!


Let’s go to the next sushi restaurant.
We will likely see a lot of aged wax sample this time.


Haha!  I guess these look too old…
They’ve faded from so long in the window and we can’t tell the original colors any more (^^;)  


Now, why don’t we order the lower left one (chirashi sushi)? I wonder what it looks like? “One chirashi, please!!”


Here we go! Whaaaaaaat?
This is totally different from the sample in the display case.
Totally…….and much much more attractive!!!


 Needless to say, left >> sample / right >> real one.


If you are the type of person who likes to collect things, maybe starting an old time wax display-sample Japanese food museum is something to think about!


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!